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About SeeStar Games

SeeStar Games was formed by the parents of a girl with amblyopia (lazy eye). Typically with this disorder, the visual information from one eye is not sent to the brain from an otherwise normally functioning eye. Treatment usually involves prescription glasses or putting a patch over the "better" eye so that the "weaker" eye gets stronger. There has been some evidence that getting both eyes to work together may be more effective. Unable to find direct ways to test this, we established SeeStar Games to develop website and mobile games that require the use of both eyes.

Who We Are

Wayne Pereanu, founder
Wayne founded SeeStar Games in 2013 to help create games that require the use of both eyes. Follow him on twitter as @pereanuw or Google+.

Support Us

We've put together a small set of games which you can try here for free. All we need now is your support and backing to expand what we can do. We are planning a crowdsourced project to bring our games to mobile platforms. Check here for any news to see if you might be interested to help create games! Our goal is to create enough content that will be exciting for you and/or your child to play with for an hour a day.


SeeStar Games is based in Washington, D.C., U.S.A.