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Teach your brain to work
with both eyes.
Simply play the games with a pair of
glasses on to get a visual workout.

How SeeStar Works.

Lazy eye (or amblyopia ) typically occurs when the visual information from one eye isn't processed as well as the input from the other eye. We designed and developed SeeStar games to require processing of information from both eyes in order to complete a puzzle or pass a level, a technique sometimes called "anti-suppression" or "dichtopic training". It does this by displaying different images to each eye (turning your phone or monitor into a haploscope ). This permits not only the use of the weaker eye (which is typically accomplished with an eye patch), but also forces both eyes to cooperate with each other.

For the last 200 years, the traditional therapy for amblyopia involves applying an eye patch over the dominant eye for several hours each day, a technique called "occlusion therapy". This forces the exclusive use of the weaker eye, hopefully strengthening it. While this method works for many patients, it suffers from significant patient non-compliance according to the American Optometric Association. Recent research has shown that anti-suppression therapy may be useful for the treatment of amblyopia. In particular, a combination of monocular (such as eye patching) and binocular (such as games similar to SeeStar games) approaches are thought to yield the best outcomes.

Please note that any therapy should be under the supervision of a properly qualified Doctor of Optometry and/or vision therapist.